Home Buying – From China to Liverpool

China-UK Bridge helps students in the UK to buy property


Each year, more than 4,000 new students come from China to the UK for university studies via Liverpool. Some rent accommodation. Others stay longer, either for further studies, to found business careers, or to set up innovative companies. Many buy their own homes – often for, and with the help of, their families.

Now, China-UK Bridge can make the whole notoriously complex purchasing process much easier through a convenient and very cost-effective conveyancing service – a legal complement to the company’s extremely successful immigration service.


“Home-ownership is now a very real opportunity for Chinese under-graduates and graduates who plan to forge long-term careers in the UK,” explains China-UK Bridge managing director, Cathy Yu. “Today’s graduates are often the second-generation in their families to study successfully in Liverpool.

“They already have long roots in the city. Which is another reason why so many multi-generation families invest in the area. Parents and grandparents want to help and see their children and grandchildren do well in the UK.

Home-ownership is a natural step forward that makes good financial sense,” she adds.

Multi-lingual conveyance service

The China-UK Bridge conveyancing service is multi-lingual and designed to resolve all legal problems around property purchasing, often while the potential buyers are still in China.

Jason Wu’s case is a typical example. Jason’s family were determined to give Jason and their other children a firm start to their studies in Liverpool. They planned to buy an apartment near to the university.

However, there was a problem. An earlier cash offer had been rejected by the buyer’s property agent who was worried that he couldn’t verify the deal.

The problem proved to be a communication issue across a language barrier. It was also one that was easily solved by China-UK Bridge.

The purchase agreement was soon finalised and the Wu family now has a UK home of their own for their children.

For more information on how China-UK’s professional team can resolve your own unique problems, please contact us directly on tel 0844 544 3733, or via general@chinaukbridge.com We are here to help you in total confidence.

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