Congratulations! The first 10 Years

A decade ago China-UK Bridge helped Youngs Investment Co Ltd to set up in the UK.


In 2005, China-UK Bridge helped the original Chinese funder of Youngs Investment Co Ltd to make a successful case for a visa application to the UK. Now, a decade later, the business he founded has grown into five separate thriving sub-companies working in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

“It’s really good to see entrepreneurial businesses doing so well,” says China-UK Bridge managing director and senior lawyer, Cathy Yu. “Congratulations to all who have worked so hard for ten years.”

Three-part plan – visas, business growth and education

“Part of our remit is to encourage and support enterprise. We do this in three-phases– successful visa applications, business investment and further education and training. Young Investment is a case of this working well in action,” Cathy adds.

Youngs Investment was founded in 2005 with its headquarters in Central Manchester and other locations in Birmingham City Centre and London Canary Wharf.

As a multi-sector organization, its businesses include design and marketing, catering, educational consultancy, logistics and international trade. The group also has offices in Mainland China at Jinan, Guangzhou and Xi’an.

The first of many

“For young companies and innovators either studying in the UK, or bringing business ideas and firms into the UK, we provide not only an extremely proficient visa application service, but also a business development portal.

“This includes legal support, a very advanced marketing and communications platform for the internet-age, plus a full accountancy package. Our team is professional and experienced,” explains Cathy.

“It is proving to be a very successful formula. We will continue to help immigration and successful Chinese entrepreneurs to establish flourishing businesses. They make a valuable contribution to UK society.”

For more information on how China-UK’s professional team can resolve your own unique problems, please contact us directly on tel 0844 544 3733, or via general@chinukbridge.com We are here to help you in total confidence.

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