Hidden Tier 1 benefits of the UK leaving the EU

The good news is that the UK’s decision to leave the EU is generating important advantages and opportunities for Chinese clients. A more favourable exchange rate makes funding children’s studies easier and adds financial power to funds brought in to invest in new UK businesses.

Mr Yao is an ideal example. A successful businessman in China, he applied for a Tier 1 entrepreneur visa with our professional team’s help. Like many Chinese businessman, he had sufficient funds and good business ideas, but no knowledge of the proper way to provide proof and satisfy the Home Office.

He was also worried by a previous warning from USA immigration officers that he had quite innocently applied for the wrong type of visa for entry clearance to the United States.

As a result, he felt confused, concerned and under pressure until he was able to explain his problems to us at China UK Bridge. Now, he is looking forward to life and a successful new business venture in Britain, and expects his son to be granted a visa to study and live in the UK from September.

When we interviewed Mr Yao we found other issues that needed clarifying. For example, the authority holding his funds in China did not know how to write letters proving his financial status to the Home Office. His business plan was also too basic and failed to show proposed funding details, budget projections, and profit and loss forecasts.

UK immigration Tier1 reported last year that 6 out of 10 applicants failed because they hadn’t prepared a presentable business plan and could not meet funding rules. We realise that much work needed to be done in a very short time, requiring a considerable input from our hard-working team.

After research, meetings and consulting relevant project people, we created an efficient delivery plan for Mr Yao, set very tight deadlines for team member to finish tasks, and brought in experienced experts who had worked on similar cases.

Happily, the completed application was made on time successfully. The business plan was key in convincing the Home office that Mr Yao is a genuine businessman with a realistic proposal that he knows how to put in practise.

Our work made Mr Yao’s application much strong and more professional. He is now confidently preparing for his family to live in the UK and setting up his new business in the North West region.

Mr Yao thanks the team who worked on his case. We will continue to advise him on how to run a business in the UK under Immigration rules, while giving him sound business management support.

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