China-UK-Bridge services follow the journey that a majority of international travellers take when moving temporarily or permanently to live and work either in Europe or Asia.

Our three main services cover:

Immigration Visas & Entry Applications

Succeeding in Business in the UK



In addition, we offer the following services:

Residential and Commercial Conveyancing Service in the UK and China

Mortgage Application Finance Service

Family Law and Divorce Service

Disputes Resolutions covering Commercial Contracts, Compensation Claims between Companies

Maritime Shipping Disputes/Compensations with over 15 years experience




The first way we can help you is as highly-experienced middlemen acting between you and both Chinese and UK government offices. We take the strain out of administration.

Whether you are a Tier 1 (exceptional talent), Tier 2 (general professional), Tier 4 (student), or Tier 5 (temporary worker) visa applicant, as your personal helping-hand we provide up-to-the-minute immigration advice.

If you are a visitor, dependent, want further or indefinite leave to remain in Britain – or are applying for naturalisation with a host of related requirements – we can help you too.

To discuss options, or for additional information, please call us on 0844 544 3733 to book your appointment.

Because immigration laws change frequently, the information and immigration news we provide is always right up-to-date and confirmed by the UK Border Agency (UKBA).

For the latest information, please visit the Home Office Visa pages



A key aim of many temporary visitors and permanent migrants is to set up successful trading companies – or expand trading links.

Clear business communications is a necessity. However, this is only successful if carried out in the day-to-day language of the host country.

Here, UK Bridge’s major aim is to provide international cooperation services between UK and China educational organisations that platforms the education exchange between China and UK.



Welcome to our UK Education Service.

The UK offers some of the best educational opportunities in the English-speaking world.  If you are an international student and want to maximise your opportunities, don’t worry. You are not alone! We are here to help you to succeed. China-UK Bridge is a constant companion throughout your educational journey – while you are planning to come to the UK, throughout your studies in the UK, and after you leave university and put your education into business development.

There are many questions that you will want to ask about coming to a UK university or language school, or studying elsewhere in the world.

What study course will be best for you? Which university or college should you choose? How should you apply? What are the entry qualifications?

The best solution for you

No matter where you are starting from, our UK Education Service will help you to solve your own unique problems and challenges. Our highly-experienced Education Advice team will not only give you all the information you need, but also make sure that you secure a place on the course of your choice. And we can help you make serious decisions when your education is over and you are thinking about career moves or setting your own business venture. Simply get in touch with us today – and at any other time you have a problem.

You can depend upon:

Experienced, friendly and bilingual Staff (English and Chinese)

Access to a large number of Universities and English Schools in the UK and worldwide

A fast and reliable service

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