About Us

China-UK-Bridge was established in 2003 with clear goals in a changing world.

Travel and business are now true international activities with few restrictions. Skills, experience, innovations and ideas are shared globally every day. The enterprise culture has no borders.

The digital IT revolution also means that efficient competitive markets now operate seamlessly around the planet and the 24-hour clock. Exploring new opportunities, expanding profitable trading opportunities, importing and exporting are lifeblood to the modern economy.

We can help you to succeed in three important areas

Making successful visa applications

Running successful businesses in unfamiliar markets

Maximising educational opportunities

In addition, we provide support in a fourth strategic area:

Using extensive network connections

Full details can be found on our additional services page.





China-UK-Bridge has a higher than average success rate in visa applications. We understand the reasons and requirements of strict immigration rules.

Many thousands of visa submissions are refused each year because of incorrect or incomplete applications. We don’t want this to happen to you.

Our expert and highly-qualified team reviews all applications carefully, working with you closely on the detail to assemble the strongest submission possible.

Because our services are bilingual, we provide high-quality translations; we also meet our clients in the language that suits them best. This minimises delay, costs and disappointment.





Many business people have exciting products, services and cost-effective, efficient innovations that they want to introduce into trans-global markets.

China-UK-Bridge can help with a number of basic requirements. Good accountancy and legal support are essential. We provide these. However, success in new markets depends on clear communication.

Here China-UK-Bridge helps to dispel the language problem – it is essential to talk to UK or Chinese customers in terms that they can understand easily. You must appear to be a local company.

Our team has worked in industry, exporting/importing and commerce for many years. We create impressive modern websites, plus powerful editorial, business news and influential magazine content to key buyers, opinion-formers and decision-makers. Team members include award-winning journalists and editors. We also drive content successfully into modern social media.





The UK offers some of the best educational opportunities in the English-speaking world. Many Chinese visitors make substantial personal investments in their further education. A large number go on to take up residency and put their advanced skills to work in many different parts of the country.

China-UK-Bridge offers a unique educational springboard designed to help you to make the most of your natural talents and newly-acquired training across the whole of the UK.