Working With Tight Deadlines and How to Succeed

T2 Work Visa Case

Our client appointed us to help him with his T2 visa with his employer in April 2021.

Through discussions with the employer, we were given the impression that everything was in order and as they already had T2 sponsor license, all that was required was to apply for the CoS(certificate of sponsorship) and then the T2 work visa. The employer believed that everyone was ready on their side. However, due to delays with the employer when we eventually did manage to start the process, we found out that not all was what it seemed. The CoS and contact details were all out of date and due to the delays there was a possibility that our client’s Visa would expire before the T2 visa and CoS could be completed. We had to work with the employer and provide step by step guidance on how to speed up the process to ensure we can obtain the clients CoS and T2 visa before time ran out. This included  updating the company details with the Home Office, applying for CoS renewal for the company and talking with the Director of the company to make them aware that if time runs out, then not only will our client lose his job, but he would also have been deported from the country. After the company realised the severity of the situation, they worked with is every step of the way. We had to take over the admin side of the company’s T2 account and advice the company to use the express service offered by the Home Office in order to apply for the CoS renewal and updating company details.

Our client was grateful of our excellent communication skills with the Company’s HR department and our understanding of the T2 sponsor system, which resulted with a success to obtaining his CoS and T2 visa in time.


Covid-19 Case

Due to Covid-19 pandemic and flight restrictions, our student client appointed us to help with his Visa transfer from T4 student to T5 temporary worker visa in October 2021 as there was no way for him to return to China and his T4 visa was about to expire.

We managed to find him a Sponsor with our network of partners and worked with and advised his Sponsor to obtaining a T5 Visa. Our client’s timeline was very tight as we only had 2 weeks to apply for the CoS(certificate of sponsorship)  and T5 Visa before their T4 visa expired. Our client was very worried that there would not be enough time to obtain his T5 visa. We however, assured him that it would be possible as we have very good management skills to meet tight deadlines. We contacted our partners and made them aware of the urgency of the case and applied pressure to ensure that the deadline was met. We managed to obtain the CoS within 1 week and applied for the T5 Visa with 4 days to spare. The client received his T5 visa and was very happy with our service and the fact that we managed to do so in such a short time.


We would like to congratulate both our clients and their sponsors on their new partnerships and wish them the very best in their new jobs/training and hope they continue to enjoy living and advancing in the UK.

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