Mr.Chips Stays OPEN In Liverpool City Centre

China-UK-Bridge make a winning legal case for a famous Liverpool business : –

Mr Chips has been a prominent Liverpool city centre business for more than 20 years. During that time, the Lebanese specialist fast-food shop has become an extremely  well-known  landmark. Too well-known perhaps!

Merseyside Police noticed than many incidents reported  to it included the Mr Chips name as a reference point. Concerned about the Cumulative Impact of so many events, Liverpool City Council thought it saw a link between antisocial activity and Mr Chips’ opening times. Its solution was to try and restrict the fast-food outlet’s trading hours via a premise licence hearing held on 2nd July 2015.

Understandably, Mr Chips saw itself as an innocent victim and asked China-UK-Bridge (CUB) to make a robust legal case on its behalf.

After studying the Merseyside Police report carefully, and a carrying out a research and interview, CUB was able to present a strong and successful submission to the council MP and sub-committees.

As a result, Mr Chips’ opening hours are to remain unchanged for its many happy customers. Mr Chips is greatly relieved … and very grateful for CUB’s professional intervention.


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