Additional Services

China-UK-Bridge additional services are designed to take your business journey forward successfully in China, the UK and Europe with professional communication, marketing, accountancy and legal support.

Our five main focuses are:

Doing good business in China

Doing good business in the UK

Communication and marketing

Network connections across the world

We also have rich experience and community resources to organise all different types of local and international events to promote Chinese traditional culture as well as enhancing the awareness of social, well-being and learning within the Chinese community.


Doing Good Business in China

To overcome difficulties in an unfamiliar commercial culture, China-UK-Bridge has developed a comprehensive range of support services.

Language can be a hurdle. Don’t worry. We accompany you on well-organised trade mission. We will also introduce you to carefully selected potential partners and join you at initial meetings.

Don’t be surprised if your new contacts talk fluently in your own language. Many Chinese people are proficient English-speakers in ordinary conversations.

However, preparing well-structured marketing material translated in professional Chinese business terms is essential. We will help you to prepare this well ahead of your departure.


Doing Good Business in The UK

China-UK-Bridge specialises in helping inward visitors to the UK to set up sound businesses quickly to very high professional standards. Good use of the English-language is a key issue that we cover.

This includes all legal and services, plus all-important communications & marketing best practice.

We then work with you daily or weekly as your local business link to overcome language and cultural differences. We are also well-qualified to explain the unique strengths of your business offering.


Successful Communication & Marketing

Our communication package helps new business ventures to join their new local or national business community swiftly.

Websites – We create powerful international websites with carefully constructed text and visual content that are ‘future-proofed’ to grow and adapt as your business expands

Business editorial – High-quality content continues into business-class media releases / web news / brochures and e-brochures / newsletters / blogs and feature articles for publication

Social media – The digital revolution has also created many instant online media channels. However, we use these with the same degree of professionalism as conventional media

Methodology – Communications and marketing are targeted to appropriate audiences. We describe technical developments carefully, plus unique competitive business advantages

Award-winning team – The China-UK-Bridge team includes award-winning journalists and editors working in many business areas with enterprising start-up companies (SMEs)



Network Connections Across the World

Twelve years of experience and networking have created strong local, national and international strategic contacts throughout Europe and the Middle East, as well as China.

Trade missions – We introduce guests to new markets through trade visits and delegations with preferential access to senior government, public and private sector opinion-formers and decision-makers

Global network – China-UK-Bridge has strong links into local government and municipal organisations, and makes important introductions to well-selected long-term business partners and associates